That little thing called “self-restraint”, Bread & Mayo

…apparently I don’t have any.

Remember my promise to NOT step on the scale, yeah I failed miserably. And I got punished for it too.

Randomly on Tuesday I said to myself, “Self, it might be okay just to take a little peek”. So I got on the scale and it read 174.4lbs. Which isn’t so bad, but with a goal of 171 by the end of the month/3 days…I have a lot of work to do.

I might as well make this a full out confession…I can’t walk by fresh bread and not eat it…with mayo. That’s it. Just bread and mayo…I’ve been sneaking little bits of bread and mayo into my system everyday over the last week, while sticking to my clean eating the rest of the day. This is like a slow sabotage and I am fully aware, but I just can’t help myself!!! I feel terrible thinking about it, but I won’t lie I did it this morning too. Why do we have such great bread in this country?!?!?!

Now that I’ve written it out and thrown it into the cyber world I will try harder. That’s all I can do. I need to train myself to have some form of restraint. I think I will wear a rubber band on my wrist and every time I see bread and think passionate thoughts about that bread, I’ll snap it. Negative reinforcement should do the trick.

Someone help!!! How do you all resist your favorite foods/snacks??? This is killing me and keeping me at a plateau, I need to not be in this state of mind any more, HELP!!!

Feeling good, looking great! (at least I like to think so)

Woke up this morning, got my AM workout on. Legs today…I’m still sore from it.

But as I was doing my dumbbell squats, I caught a glimpse of my shadow and I thought, “Dammmnnnn!!! I’m looking pretty good!”. This was especially directed at my posterior, which received a lovely compliment from the hubby this morning as well! What a way to start the day 🙂

Any way, just wanted to share an impromptu love and appreciation for the body I’m working to shape and maintain.

No Weigh-In, but I popped pop corn!

***This was actually meant to be posted yesterday, but I’ve been having some internet issues. Read on!


Morning fitness bloggers!

As promised to myself, I’ve refrained from getting on that wretched scale, hence there will be no weigh-in this week. It’s a bit liberating, but I still get tempted when I see it sitting there, beckoning me to come hither. But I’ve refused thus far. Kudos to me 🙂

Yesterday went well in terms of eating and exercise. I got in 30 minutes of intervals on the bike (my thighs were burning after this) and I managed to eat properly. Oats for breakfast, my PB on whole grain for meal 2, chicken/broccoli/Bulgar for meal 3, followed by bananas and peanuts at meal 4.

Meal 5 was the ultimate popcorn experiment which turned out pretty good. All you do is put 3 tablespoons of popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag, fold it over twice, and microwave for about 2-2.5 minutes. I attempted to season it after with a little garlic powder and salt, but it didn’t stick, so I pretty much wound up eating them plain, which wasn’t so bad. I think I will continue to experiment with this because popcorn is my go-to in the evenings when I need to eat something, but am not starving…just “peckish” as the hubby says.


Anyway, give it a try, its definitely better for you without all the butter and sodium they put in the manufactured microwaveable popcorn and it tastes pretty good too.

Wishing you all an awesome day, gotta get back on my work grind. Adieu!

Either scales are the devil, or whoever invented them :(


I know everyone goes through this regularly, a love hate relationship with the scale.

Mine seems to be never ending. When all seems to be going well, some idiot voice in my head tells me “Oh its okay, hop on and check it out!”. Then I do…but that voice is never there to console me when I end up bawling on the bathroom floor, when I’m a complete mess and regretting everything that I did in the last 48 hours.

Just a little venting…

But I’ve decided to stick-it to the scale for the rest of August. I will work my butt off and hope that pictures tell me more than the numbers. So no weigh-in until September!

K, Bye!

Good Morning Fitfam!!!

Morning ya’ll!

I just wanted to share that I started my day off right today:

1. I was up at 5:30AM and busted out 30 hot and sweaty minutes of cardio via intervals on the elliptical (I felt and still feel pretty awesome after this).

2. First meal of the day…that’s right Oatmeal and Honey.

Yeah I eat this everyday, only because I’m usually running out the door and its the easiest thing to get the cook to do without training him with my own culinary course (yes we have a cook, but its not as glamorous as it sounds…everyone has one in Liberia, and they don’t really know much other than Liberian food and that’s what got me started on this blog in the first place so…)

3. I’m slowly sipping my morning green tea (no sweetener), Lipton makes these flavored green teas that if you practice, you really don’t need the added sugar/honey/whatever-else-people-use-now-a-days


I have packed my meal number two: tuna, avocado, tomato salad with mustard and black pepper. By meal three, I will be sending for a salad and grilled chicken from the nearby restaurant. Meal four will be later in the day at home, after my planned lifting session (legs today), and will be steamed chicken and broccoli with a little hot sauce. Lastly, if I’m still hungry before bed, I’ll have a little popcorn. I’ve read a few takes of how to make your own popcorn sans all the salt that comes in the microwaveable ones, I think I’ll give it a try and let you all know how it goes later.

The plan sounds doable, I just need to stay strong and get through each bit step by step. Oh, and drink at least 3 liters of water, I’ve had  .5 liters so far, 2.5 to go!

What’s your plan today? I know for me this is the only way to really make sure I don’t go off course and start downing all kinds of things and omitting workouts. Maybe you can share some of the plans you all make, I am trying to learn from all sources so that I can get to the best system that works for me.

Till next time!

Continued Cake Nightmares & HBD to Me!!!

Looks like I’m still on a cake binge.

It was my bday on Sunday and the hubby spoiled me royally. Complete spa day, and a surprise dinner with family and friends at a new steakhouse here in Liberia. I felt superb by the end of the day.

But with all birthdays, there must be cake, dun dun dun…

and it was a pretty big one too…


Let’s just say I had to give out 80% of it. The other 20% continues to haunt me from the fridge. What can I say? Its my birthday cake!!! Ah well, might have to get rid of the rest of it if I’m serious about this “newfound focus” 😦



Cake Bloated, Backtracking Mess

I almost didn’t workout yesterday. I’m very happy I didn’t give into the deep calling within me to “Just do it tomorrow”.

I really needed that session, especially since I had rice for lunch and 3 servings of cake, unplanned carbs that that workout probably didn’t even burn a fifth of 😦 .

Trying to get back into my routine is proving more difficult than anticipated. I woke up feeling so bloated and when I stepped on the scale (bad idea) it said 176.8!!

I’m trying my best not to let this get me down. I am trying to drink a ton of water today and throughout the week to wash all the badness out of me. I also planned my meals for today:

1. oatmeal & natural honey

2. PB on sprouted wheat bread

3. salad @ lunch

4. steamed chicken & broccoli

5. popcorn

But the hubby took me out for lunch today and instead of just ordering a salad, I ended up getting the “seafood sandwich” since the waiter was practically begging me to order from today’s specials. I put quotes around the sandwich because as you can see, it wasn’t your typical idea of a sandwich, at least not what I had pictured. I tried not to eat all the bread, and there was some mayo on it, but on the plus side it came with asparagus soup and a little salad which wasn’t so bad.


I have a date with my home gym today once I leave the office, I want to focus on cardio to burn some of these unwanted calories quickly. I’m feeling really bad with all this backtracking that’s going on and I don’t think I will be back to my cheerful self until I can fix what I’ve done to myself. To top it all off, the hubby left for Sierra Leone for few days. I will miss him terribly, but this gives me zero distractions and excuses for the next two days, to put in 130% effort.

My goal for this month is to end at 171 lbs. My mini goal for this week is to get back to 174 lbs. I need to drink all the water in the world, stick to my meal plan, and get my cardio and strength training in. I can’t keep deterring and derailing myself. What’s going on with me?!!? Ughh…

Any way, I will catch up with you all throughout the week. Later.